The 1:1 Nervous System Expansion session

The 1:1 Nervous System Expansion session is a 1.5-hour session that will help you reach your next level in life and business through deep nervous system rewiring, healing, and expansion.

This session is for women leaders who want to expand their lives and businesses with ease, pleasure, and magic. We work with your specific intention and prepare your Nervous System (NS) to feel safe with receiving what you desire. We also expand your NS capacity so you can hold your next level of success without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

We tap into infinite possibilities of your Future Self and work on aligning where you currently are with the big vision that you hold in your heart and your womb.

This work is based on the Soma Soul method, combining: 

  • Deep NS rewiring, healing and expansion
  • Inner child healing
  • Trauma healing (if necessary)
  • IFS
  • Quantum medicine
  • Future Self Activation

555,00 $

This session is for you if you desire to: 

  • reach the next level in your business (have more clients, build a bigger community, etc.) with ease and pleasure
  • scale your business in alignment with your unique energy and honoring the wisdom of your body
  • trust yourself and your intuition even more while making big and daily decisions in your life and business
  • connect deeper with your mission and the impact you came here to create
  • tap into the power of feminine leadership
  • open yourself up for the next level of STABLE income in your business
  • open yourself up to receive more money in your business from feminine energy and magnetism
  • build an empire led from the heart, feeling joyful and fulfilled along the way
  • tap into infinite possibilities of what’s possible for you in your life and business
  • manifest from ease and pleasure instead of pushing and fighting with life

555,00 $